One Limb: Zero Excuses

Want to be inspired?  Like REALLY inspired? Inspired to quit complaining and making excuses for yourself?  Then this Ed Mylett

Rachel Hollis – Made For More

So the other night, I stayed out WAY past bedtime.  We are talking 1:00 am bedtime.
And it was totally worth

How insecurity robs you of life

Sometimes we don’t even realize how badly hindered we are by our own insecurities. Limiting beliefs and insecurities about our

Body Language: Amy Cuddy Nails It

How does your body language effect you? Who do you become when you slouch into those comfortable positions of habit? 

My Take on Mom Guilt

Mom Guilt.
I hear moms say things like this all the time: 
“I feel so guilty that I missed a soccer

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