What To Do If People Don’t Like You

This is a tough one for me daily! I think not being accepted by women (…or people in general! But, in my experience, women tend to cut deeper when they go for it) is something that holds many of us back from a lot of -what would be- really great decisions in our lives.

And why? We will never make everyone happy. As long as we are being kind and treating others with respect, we are doing life right.

Follow your own path, put your blinders on and learn to be ok with people not being okay with you. The way people treat you is a reflection of themselves, not you (that’s a fact)!

I work every day to grow into a bolder, more confident version of myself (its hard!)….just like I hope my daughter grows up to be!

Of course there is pushback from others every time I make a change or voice an opinion, but that is because they are uncomfortable…not me. And I might be strong, but I really don’t feel like carrying that baggage for those people.

In short: Love yourself and it won’t matter if other people do or not.

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