Don’t live your life. Build Your Life.


Anything worth having is not only worth working FOR but also worth working ON.

I personally feel like this couldn’t be more true than in the case of our own lives.  We have to build the one we want, the one we were born to lead.

(Note the verb usage of “working” and not “hoping.”)

My Thursday Thoughts are these: We encourage our children to grow and develop every day.  We expect them to learn lessons, hope for the future, dream, plan and be open to the opportunities around them.  We expect them to build up a life that they will love.  We applaud them for wanting to change the world, staying patient while they learn and grow and tell them every day how many wonderful things they are capable of.

And yet -as adults- we do not expect or do the same for ourselves.  

It is as if we expect things to stop being hard just because we made it to adulthood.

At what point do we switch to being complacent, surviving the days (as opposed to living them to their fullest) and stop running for those dreams that fill our hearts and ignite our hearts? I mean….I KNOW you have those dreams in there.  I sure do!! Where is it written that we are not worthy or capable of them?  Furthermore, is it written anywhere that those amazing things should come easily for us?

We cannot just sit down and say “Ok! I’m done growing and learning now.  This is it.  This is my life and I have to accept it the way it is because these are the decisions I made that led me here.  I cannot go farther because of so-and-so or such-and-such that happened to me.”

No. No. No.

If your child walked up to you and said those things, what would your reaction be?

Is building our best lives incredibly hard? YEP! Are we going to have to get creative, see opportunity where others don’t, play by our own rules and go for gold when others tell us to be content with bronze or no medal at all? Of course!! And that is EXACTLY what makes it all worth it.

Think about it….how hard is raising kids?  Or marriage? Or loosing weight? Or running a business?  Super-duper hard.  But if you ask anyone who is finding even just some success with any of those things, I’m betting they will tell you it’s completely worth it.

Now I can’t tell you specifically what it means to build YOUR best life, but I can tell you some of the things I do every day that keep me progressing towards mine:

Set goals.

Wake up early.

Work out regularly and keep a healthy diet.

Spend dedicated time with the kids.

Read educational books every day…even if it is just one paragraph some days.

Started a business that has the potential to take care of my family for the rest of our days and work that business daily.

Journal and measure progress whenever possible.

Schedule time to relax and take care of myself.

It’s different for everyone, but my point is this:  every single human has already got all the tools needed to build these amazing lives.  We need to drop the mentality that we are surviving the days and stop living for the weekend. We need to start seeing each new set of 24 hours as a way to grow our minds, hearts, bodies, etc.  There is SO much out there waiting!

There is literally NOTHING holding you back but your own thoughts, fears and excuses.  SHOW your children how to learn, overcome, dream and achieve (instead of just telling them).

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