The Ultimate Life Coach

My whole life I have known one thing about myself and that is that I am “coachable.” 

I am that person who -if I trust someone and believe in them enough- will do anything they tell me to do if it leads me to being better.  I have always known that I don’t have the answers and that I don’t know much.  I simultaneously believe that I CAN do anything I put my mind do if I just have the right coach…the right voice in my ear helping me along my way.

I think this is why I have always made an excellent employee, the best “right-hand-man” a person could find.  For the right boss, I was a machine because I am very capable, excited and willing to learn and work. With the belief and direction of the right person, I had no fear or doubt about my ability to knock projects out of the park. 

Life changes and so do we.

But when I decided to strike out in business for myself and while still growing a family and caring for babies and children, the “coaches” in my life diminished in number – mostly because I suppose people assumed I was good.  I no longer had the opportunity to surround myself physically with people who I could lean on to show me the way.

On top of that, like many women, I completely projected that image that I had it covered. I subconsciously and consciously sent off messages of independence, accepted less help and set out to prove I was “totally fine” (isn’t social media a helpful tool there *eye roll*).  I told myself I didn’t need  help, rest, comfort or anything for myself.

It’s human nature…if we aren’t able to have something in our lives, we do our best to convince ourselves and others that we don’t need it.

However, I still found myself seeking out other forms of coaching.  I went to therapy, hired life coaches, joined groups, purchased books, purchased online courses, listened to meditations, hired a personal trainer, listened to hypnosis recordings, created power partnerships with other successful women and hired business coaches.  All of which were (and continue to be) incredibly helpful, but I still felt a void. I never found that person who saw ME.  Who knew ME and MY heart and knew exactly what I needed to do to get to the next level in life, a better version of my entire self.  I felt like I was still hiding my struggles and putting on a game face with everyone. Until recently.

You see, in the last couple months, I have found the most amazing life coach.  I have found someone who gets me, who sees my heart and my vision and knows the pains I struggle with every day.  It’s crazy because this coach has been someone I’ve actually known all my life. I’ve been to his house and eaten his food.  Best of all? His help is 100% free! And his name is God. 

Does that sound crazy to you?  It might have to me a year ago.  But hear me out.

I was raised going to church every Sunday and had a pleasant experience with it, though I remember feeling like I was missing the point…like I wasn’t getting it.  The message was lost on me and I didn’t try very hard to lean in.  In my adult life, I went to church on Christmas and Easter (my family and I joke that I was the church CEO… “Christmas and Easter Only” attendee). But I failed to understand the powerful relationship waiting for me with Christ, though I was an expert at going through the motions. I have always been spiritual and prayed for the sick, the poor, the weak and the needy as well as for the safety and health of my family every night. I guess I felt like I was doing it right at that level.  What more was I being called to do? I just couldn’t hear it. I didn’t understand the bible with all the “thees” and “thous”…I never understood what it meant to me and my life.  So I chalked it up to me just “not being the type” and kept searching in other places for guidance.   

Outwardly spiritual people made me uncomfortable.  They had such joy and confidence in their life with God, but I felt I was stuck doing my own thing.  I couldn’t relate to that love for Christ I saw others having, which fed further into belief that I wasn’t good enough or worthy to have such a relationship in my life.  

But the Lord, my does he work in mysterious ways! 

Though a series of events triggered by all the other coaches and help I have sought out and people who entered into my heart as a result, the switch flipped (a great story for another day).  God put me in the right place at the right time with the right people and showed me just how clear, simple and concise his message can be.  And all the time that message has been right there, waiting for me to open up to it.  He put my HEART in the right place as well as my physical body, which was just as important.  It was as if God rang the doorbell and said “Hey! I’m here! Let me spell this out for you.” And the light went on in me.

And it’s funny because now I see it.  All this time, I’ve been talking to God and he has been hearing me.  I know who Jesus is…I mean…hello…I go to his birthday party every year!  I have been over to his house too many times to count.  Jesus has been like that super nice guy that you know you can confide in and call at any time, but you just don’t realize how deeply you are in love with him until one day you DO and it changes your world. 

Seriously, there are a million Lifetime movies about it.

Classic story…Girl thinks she knows what she wants and needs to be happy. So she works so hard to get what she thinks is right for her that she end up overlooking the relentless love and from the boy next door that has been sitting right in her lap the whole time.  Yep.  That’s me.  

Here’s what blows my mind when it comes to the Life Coaching. The “how-to” book on life (the Bible) as too many translations to count and is readily available.  The work we have to do for the Lord is simple. It’s not complicated, even though we make it that way. All we have to do is serve the Lord. 

Is it hard? YES! It will be the hardest thing I do in my entire life and I may never actually get it right….but it is simple.  Serve the Lord.  Now, instead of wondering “what does that mean for me?” all I have to do is open up my heart and the answers will come. To me, the best way I can do that is by being my best and highest self and getting out of my own way.  I mean…hello! Talk about the Ultimate Life Coach!

A big part of this for me is fear.

To serve the Lord I have to stop living in fear. Fear of what others will think, fear of not getting it right, fear of being different, fear of being the same, fear of the unknown, fear for my family’s safety, fear of being wrong, fear of being a leader, fear of being a follower, fear of not being successful, fear of being too successful, fear of standing out, fear of getting lost in the crowd…the list goes on.  And my new Life Coach? He says to stop and trust.  Stop and trust in Him and I won’t have to carry that fear.  Pray and be open to his message and the right answers will come.  Then it’s simple (again…usually super hard!) but simple…just do what he says.

You see, because I am so coachable and willing to work on myself every day…every hour…this Life Coach of mine has been doing some serious work in my heart already.  Even in sharing this with you today…I want to be fearful about opening up and being so vulnerable.  I want to hide and pick a safer topic like body image or ketogenic brownies (dang it…now I’m hungry for brownies!). But I know that holding onto that fear means I have that much less strength to actually do the work that He is calling me to do. 

So, here I am.  

I know I am NOT qualified to preach on the word or tell you what God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit intend for you and your life (really I don’t think anyone can tell you that), but I CAN tell you what it has meant for mine. To me, hearing other people’s stories is as eye opening and inspirational as hearing a person’s best advice.  And that is what I’m doing here and will continue to do.

What I will leave you with is this: if you are seeking answers, seeking guidance and to fill that void in your heart…keep seeking.  Keep seeking, being open and looking for the best possible coach in your life because, I guarantee you, if you listen carefully, the road will lead you to the same Life Coach I have found.  And -let me tell you- the price is right, His door is always open and he is never wrong.

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