“the influencer” podcast

If you’re a business builder and you’re not taking advantage of podcasts, you’re missing out!

I call podcasts “the matrix” because I plug them into my brain via my headphones and feel instantly smarter and stronger (like Neo…although I have yet to learn karate in one sitting).  I listen to them at the gym, in the sauna, in the car and doing idle tasks at home.  My current favorite is all about business building and navigating the evolving world of e-commerce and online business building. It is Julie Solomon’s “The Influencer” podcast.

Her content is beneficial no matter what brand or stream of online entrepreneurship you call yours.  This specific episode stuck out as one I wanted to share right away.  It’s called “Overcoming Perfection, Honoring Your Well Being and Questions to Ask Yourself Daily “ with guest, Melissa Wood.  Far too often we think we need to have everything perfect, all the time and that is simply not true. I pulled a ton of great nuggets from it and I think you will too.

Check it out!

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