The beauty of working from home…or wherever!

It’s not a big secret that I work from home.  Well….sometimes.  Ok, actually I am rarely at home when I work.  Sometimes it’s the library or the coffee shop but most usually I work from the carpool pick up lane or today -for example- I’m working from the farm shop.  Which is great because I just so happen to be wearing my most favorite shop shirt (it’s the best).


There is little more that the kids love than getting filthy in the shop and watching their dad work.  But with this many little bodies around large equipment, it usually requires an extra set of eyes on hand.

IMG_1333 -1

Luckily, it takes me 2 seconds to pack my laptop, camera and and notebooks into my designated backpack and join the fun.  It does not escape me how fortunate we are that the shop has wifi.

I love watching the kids watch their dad.  He teaches them so much in afternoons like this.  John and Evan are notorious for watching and absorbing everything going on, sometimes unblinkingly.

IMG_1342 -1

IMG_1345 -1

Bristol is content to color on every single scrap of paper possible.

I love it that instead of “Dad” she writes “JJ.”


They say the family that works together, stays together! …okay, I’ve actually never heard anyone say that, but I’m pretty sure it’s true!  Another thing that is 100% true is that days like these absolutely guarantee bath night…which is what I’m off to do now!


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