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So the other night, I stayed out WAY past bedtime.  We are talking 1:00 am bedtime.

And it was totally worth it.

If you don’t know who Rachel Hollis is: I’m about to blow your world up with awesomeness. And if you DO know who she is, then chances are we were doing the same thing on August 2nd…because there is no way you would have missed her documentary, “Made For More.”

(Quick sidebar: If you missed it, get your tickets NOW for the showing on August 13th.  Limited release!)

“Made For More” (or MFM as I’ll refer to it), documents the power, work and heart behind Rachel’s recent women’s conference, “Rise.”  The conference focused on women’s empowerment, but not in the “rah-rah chicks are awesome” way, but in the deeper “know your heart, love yourself and pour that into the world” kind of way…the exact way the world NEEDS women to be empowered. 

Our theater was packed with women -just like me and also so different from me- laughing and crying together, all of us reminded by MFM that no one has a golden ticket in life.  No one has it easy.  No one breezes through, laughing and skipping all the way.  MFM draws out the importance of knowing just WHO you are, embracing your past (good, bad and ugly!) and deciding what you want to do with your future…because you know it’s your choice, right??

I loved Rachel’s emphasis of “who cares?”  Who cares if you look or live differently? Who cares if you vote oppositely? Who cares if you’re this religion or that religion or no religion?  It shouldn’t matter.  The world has enough fine print.  MFM reminds us that it is about the power of loving and let live anyway, not only accepting others “if.”

I was with a group of some of my very favorite people with a bag full of great snacks (coconut chips and Boom-Chicka-Pop!) soaking up every ounce of heartfelt honesty and refreshing vulnerability that MFM poured out (and -yes- I went in my PJ’s with no make-up…2 less things to do before crawling into bed so late!)  Our late night time made it even more special, because -in my own “mom of 3 little kids” way, I felt like a total warrior being out after midnight. #fistbump

Check it out and -if you haven’t already- get yourself a copy of Rachel’s most recent book “Girl Wash Your Face.”  It’s a must read for every woman (regardless of status in life)!


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