“necessary endings”

I have a book recommendation for you.

At some point in time we are all faced with the choice between moving forward in our lives and possibly upsetting someone we love, offending a friend or making a relationship more tense.  It’s a hard thing to navigate, but completely necessary if you want to find real fulfillment in life, be true to yourself and also experience lasting, authentic success in your business.

I cannot recommend the book “Necessary Endings” by Henry Cloud enough.  He beautifully illustrates how to identify when to move on and how to identify the when/where/how of it all.  (This is a great one in audio format, if you’re into books on tape!)

It’s a must read, especially for women as we tend to value relationships and the feelings of others over our own personal well-being far too often. 

This book helps you cut through the “I feel bad about ______” feelings in life and gain clarity on what steps to take to preserve relationships and actually be of value in the world.  Check it out!


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