National Pie Day

Yesterday was National Pie Day.  I know this because I caught .5 seconds of a radio show where it was mentioned

Immediately I thought “I should bake.”  Followed by “Wait….PIE day or PI day.”

I pondered that question all the way to school and then, like any red-blooded American, I whipped out my phone in the drop off line and googled it.  Yep: PIE day. Not PI day…which, apparently, is March 14th -if you’re curious.  Or perhaps the curiosity lies in wondering why a number needs a day anyway?

But I digress.

The point is, National Pie Day is all the excuse I needed to get in the kitchen and bake.  However, I was not about to make an extra trip to the grocery store for any special ingredients (that would have been silly). So, I dubbed it my own “double-dare challenge” and decided the pie for this most sacred of internet holidays must be created from ingredients that we already have in the house.

And -let me pause right here to dampen your excitement with a bit of a spoiler alert: Nothing impressive came out of this challenge…we barely used a real ingredient. In fact, we essentially just made a pudding pie.  BUT it was really fun and -of course- delicious.  And we succeeded in honoring the day.

IMG_1383 -1

First: Impromptu pie making is much more convenient when you have crust handy.  Luckily,  I always have an extra crust or two in the freezer (this recipe is my go to.  Can a pie crust be my “ride or die”? I don’t really know what that means, but it feels right here).

Anyway, I just whipped it out and let it thaw for about 30 minutes on the counter.IMG_1356 -1

Then, it was up to my kitchen helper and I to make it just right.

Sidenote – John LOVES cooking.  I have often times caught him in the kitchen cooking up a storm of crackers, salt, pepper and oatmeal (no idea why those things).  When we visit places that have toy kitchens, I have to drag him away.  Cooking is totally his jam!  He’d have done this for hours if I let him.IMG_1360 -1

In this case, I have learned that in order to create the perfect (or perfect enough) pie crust, you don’t ACTUALLY let the 2-year-old help.  You hand him a chunk of crust and let him beat the crap out of it and then make it into a snack he can eat right away (no recipe here.  Brush with melted butter and dust -or completely douse- with cinnamon and sugar.  Bake according to crust instructions).


Then, once baked and cooled, this crust was ready for action!

And -because baking is more special for the kids when they get one-on-one time- Bristol and I were able to construct the rest of it during John’s nap time.

IMG_1369 -1

And -yes- she is wearing a swimming suit in January in Iowa.  This is usually her outfit of choice for any activity.  Being 5 rules.

She selected peanut butter cups and chocolate candies as pie enhancements.  Don’t worry – all candy was thoroughly taste-tested and vetted for quality before any went into the pie.

IMG_1374 -1

We whipped up a box of our finest (and only) chocolate pudding and poured it into the crust over the candy.

IMG_1378 -1

And, like that, we made a pie, a memory and an after-school snack in one swoop! 

It wasn’t the most beautiful of things.  It was squishy (as you would assume pudding to be!) and didn’t hold up that well.   The candy color ran too…but perfection is so overrated!

I thought it tasted great…that crust recipe makes all the difference!  Evan was excited about the sweet treat and snarfed his piece, John refused to try any and Bristol took one lick, remembered we used milk to make the pudding, declared she didn’t like milk and passed on eating any more.  Kids these days…Ha!

IMG_1405 -1

But we sure had fun making it!  Now…who wants to come get the rest of this concoction so I don’t eat it all myself?

IMG_1389 -1

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