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This one goes out to all you mompreneurs who are pushing the envelopes of their comfort zones, working a side-hustle or maybe working a full-time hustle.  This one is for anyone who thinks they have every excuse in the book not to success in direct sales.  I know times get tough, but the only thing worse in your business (any business!) than quitting….is wishing you hadn’t when you see what success could have been yours. 

Take a listen to this Rachel Hollis podcast (RISE podcast…and make sure to subscribe! You’ll be hooked!).  It a tale of grit, success and gumption from someone who had every excuse to quit in her business.

Podcast description: “Lindsay Matway has a thriving MLM team of over 70,000! In today’s episode she tells us how she learned to be a successful team leader and how she motivated herself to scale her business. Her rags to riches is story is one of the most inspiring we’ve ever had on.”

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