Fear Aside

Living in fear robs you of life.  Choosing to stay engulfed in fear is choosing to keep from achieving, changing and growing. Fear is what keeps you where you are in life.

I didn’t realize how much fear I lived in most of my life. 

I was fearful of making decisions that made others uncomfortable.

I was fearful of standing out. 

Fearful of being different. 

Fearful of not being enough or sometimes being too much. 

I knew from a young age that I was bold and different than others (turns out we all are!), but I was too fearful to even consider sharing my authentic self with the world.  I ended up feeling lost, depressed and like I had totally missed the boat on my own life. I made choices based on what others steered me towards, which was never aligned with what my soul wanted from life.

How many times have you made the decision to dull yourself down so as not to outshine someone you love?

I was a pro at that.

But something snapped in me.  Somewhere between the 3 children, the growing business, the demands of home life and doing it all with all that fear in my heart just got too heavy.  I guess you could say I snapped.  I snapped because the excited, authentic and bright light inside of me was trying to grow and shine while I was actively trying to smoother it from the outside.  Something had to give…and I’m so glad that what gave was fear.  Fear was shoved aside and I was able to see my own light.

I snapped and what happened was I realized that I am alive.  I am alive because God put me on this earth with one purpose…to be the best ME possible.  He stuffed all this silly, bold, courageous, helpful, over-excited, abundant, witty creativity into my heart. He designed me to share it.  Just like He designed you the way that you are.  

Fear is natural in every person and it will always be a ping in our hearts.  But how we read it is up to us.   For many people, women especially, our fears revolve around being seen as selfish or not of value.  Our worth is so wrapped in what others think of us that we become paralyzed and fail to move in our own live.

There are 2 choices when it comes to fear: listen to it and cower back in safety OR realize it is an indicator that you are on the right track and drive on.  I heard this great quote the other day “Fear is not a sign that there is a threat. Fear is a sign that YOU are the threat.”  If you can make that thought your reality, what would you have the power to do in your life?

Look at Joan of Arc.  She had the courage to stand up and lead an army of men into battle, even though she was a young girl and had zero experience.  Was she fearful? Yes! But she knew God had a plan for her, she listened to it and conquered cities with an army of men behind her.  If Joan can do that, surely you can do the things in your life that seem hard.

When you next find yourself with fear in your heart, I want you to walk through it with yourself.  Start at the top and ask yourself:

Why am I afraid?

Who am I letting control my decision making here?

What do I feel called to do in my heart?

What is the worst that could happen?

What is the best that could happen?

And then -here’s the important part- take action!!  Put your fear to the side, thank it for trying to look out for you, then be bold and move forward with the progress you see possible.  Because I promise you, what is waiting on the other side is SO much better than where you are right now.


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