Easy Keto-Friendly Roasted Almond Butter

Nuts…they are the stuff of life!  I literally don’t think I’ve ever eaten a nut I haven’t liked.  Which means it’s par for the course that I have some wicked nut butter recipes up my sleeve.

Making nut butter at home is so much healthier and more delicious than the store bought kind…plus you can make it exactly the way you like.  The only problem with making nut butter (such as this delicious Ket- Approved Roasted Almond Nut Butter) is that I have a hard time stopping eating it (#nutbutterloverproblems!).

My current favorite is this simple, no-sugar-added, keto-friendly, roasted take on almond butter.  I’m giving you my best tips and my favorite recipe for almond butter.  Totally worth a shot!

Always use raw nuts.

Roasted nuts have more flavor.  Make sure not to over-cook them (you just want them slightly roasted). Always allow them to cool completely before processing.

Making almond butter is simple, but time consuming.  Make sure to have some patience!

Because the processing takes so long, it can easily burn out your blender or food processor. Make sure to allow for breaks during the blending process.  This will allow both the motor and the almond butter to cool.

This recipe uses measurements are specific to what I like.  Play around with the amounts of ingredients and make it your own! You can add a sweetener like honey, too, if you prefer a sweeter almond butter.

Adding an additional fat is a great way to ensure a smooth and delicious almond butter.  It also helps up the fat content to help you in your ketogenic meal plan.

New to making almond butter? Put your questions below!

Been doing this nut butter thing a while?  What are your top tips or favorite things to add to your almond butter?  Comment below or share a pic of your own creation!




2 cups Raw Almonds

5 Tbl Coconut Oil

3/4 Tsp salt

1). Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2). Place raw almonds on a ungreased baking sheet.

3). Roast almonds for 10 minutes.

4). Removed from the oven and let cool COMPLETELY.

5). Add almonds to food processor or blender and get to work grinding them down.

6). Pause when the motor and nuts feel like the are getting warm.  Allow a few minutes to cool.

7). Add coconut oil 1 Tbl at a time. This will allow you to make sure you are getting the texture and consistency you like.

8).  When almond butter is almost to desired consistency, add the salt.

9). Store in an airtight container (I prefer a mason jar) in the refrigerator.

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