A Realized Life

Quick question (well, 2 actually).

Who were the last 3 people you talked about to someone else?

Was what you said in those conversations encouraging or critical of those people?

(Be honest with yourself here!).

If you find yourself speaking and thinking often about what others are doing wrong, how others are making you feel or how much you dislike or disagree with someone, chances are you are struggling with accepting something within yourself or your life (deep, I know!).

Are you really that put off by people who are constantly sharing how much they love their partner/spouse? Or could it be that you are missing that deep connection in your own life?

Do you really dislike that group of women because they are constantly sharing about the great fun they are having together? Or is that type of belonging possibly missing in your own life?

Is so-and-so really annoying with how he/she is always the center of attention or do you simply wish you had a little of that attention for yourself?

Is that driver in front of you really eliciting your rage when they cut you off? Or are you actually upset because you’re stressed about something else?

I’ll keep it short here, but think about this: What if, every time you wanted to criticize, speak ill or feel anger towards someone, you instead checked yourself and thought “What’s really going on WITH ME here?”  

I promise you: a couple seconds of self-realization and examination can lead to a lifetime worth of positive shifts in the level of fulfillment you experience in life.

Because -let’s be honest- icky thoughts about others cause us to feel icky about ourselves.  We all need to nip that stuff in the bud.

Basically: Have you realized, yet, the person and life you were born to experience during your existence on this planet? Because once you do, it’s crazy how fast you’ll stop caring about what others are doing, thinking and saying.

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