5 things to bring good Karma

Karma is so much more than the big actions in your life or making grandiose gestures.  Karma is something that comes from the little actions you take every day…the ones that come from your heart. 

I hear people say “Karma is a bitch if you are.” And -well- yeah, that’s true.  But it’s not like your ex-friend Stacey is going to get hit by a bus just because of something mean she did to you. 

It means unhappy people do unhappy things.  It means happy people do happy things.  And -in turn- we bring either that happiness or unhappiness back to us.

But did you know that there are ways to improve your good Karma instantly?  When you make time to be a better person and actually make people feel heard and valued, Karma will come back to you 10 fold.  It’s all about doing the hard things, not just the easy and obvious to keep yourself feeling good and DOING good in the world!


5 Things You Can Work on to Bring Good Karma


Learn To Forgive.

Holding a grudge is one of the nastiest things you can do to yourself. Yeah – that person might have wronged you, but giving any energy to that dirty deed is gifting all your time and energy to that person you loathe so much.  Forgive and move on.  It will clear the air of bad Karma.

Help Others…Especially when it doesn’t benefit you!

There is Hindu proverb that says “Help you brothers boat across and yours will reach the shore.” This is so true.  Focus explicitly on helping others and you will find that success is inevitable for you. The good karma doesn’t come because you did something good….it comes because from within as a byproduct of your zest for helping others.

Listen more.

You have 2 ears and one mouth for a reason. Use them.    And don’t listen so you can say you’re listening; don’t listen in a preoccupied state of thinking about what you’re going to say back; don’t listen with judgement.  Listen purely with the intent of understand what a person is saying and why they are saying it. Karma loves a great listener.

Give what you don’t need.

We live in a world of excess. We are selfish with our time, our attention, our money…our kindness.  If you have something to spare: give it.  Donate your talents or money to a charity that speaks to you.  Help a family in need.  Give a little extra attention to someone who needs it.  The less that you greedily grasp onto in your life, the more room for good Karma.

Use your talents.

Being too busy, scared, unprepared or unwilling to use talents given to you by God and the Universe is just begging for bad Karma. Karma hates it when you ignore the gifts and talents that you have.  What if that book you’ve been meaning to write could save someone’s life? What if that music that you want to play would inspire 10 others? What if your unused knack for marketing/negotiating/code writing/etc in the office could be the catalyst for the next million dollar deal?  It’s selfish to sit on those skills and talents…good karma comes when you lean into those special parts of yourself and share them with the world.

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