Taking Action, Emotion Aside

TakeAction Here’s how I see it:

In order to keep moving forward in any area of life we have to intentionally choose to take ACTION.  This is especially true in business. You simply cannot accomplish goals or even carry out simple responsibilities without taking ACTION.

For example, there are some actions we HAVE to take: you cannot get to work without first taking the action to get dressed and make the commute.  You cannot feed your children without taking the action to buy them groceries (even hitting the drive-thru takes action…one action, at which, I am well practiced!).


But what is about some actions that make them *seem* like an option?  


It’s always the hardest actions, like making a big move in your business or sitting down to do the work you dread (be it working on spreadsheets or calling that prospective customer your dying to nab) that we fall into a safety net of excuses, fear and emotion.

What about when you’re tired, upset about something that happened or someone said or -the most common- you just don’t feel like it? Or many people’s favorite…”I’m to busy”?  That is where we need to learn to say to ourselves “I have to do this anyway” and proceed INDEPENDENTLY of that emotion or though telling us we can’t or we shouldn’t.

Take action.  Even if it is small.  Every day.  Rebel against the negative or lazy voice in your head.  And watch what happens.
Of course it’s hard!  To identify what what you need to do for your business and then “just do it” (to quote Nike) requires commitment and discipline.
It requires calling yourself on your own bullsh*t. 
Now – I’m not telling you to ignore your feelings or just to snap-out-of it. But what I am telling you is to make waves anyway. Sitting around, waiting for the right mood or ambition to overcome you is a sure way to never get things done (and then you’re at risk of telling yourself your life is harder than others and playing victim to your own decision making…that is no place to be!).

And don’t wait for permission from anyone.  That is the kiss of death for your dreams…you’ll never get the approval you seek.  You’re a business owner…nobody is the boss of you!

So do something today. Take one ACTION you’ve been putting off or have been too nervous or lazy to do in the past. Make a list of things you know you SHOULD do, but for one reason or another don’t.  Then pick one thing from that list and do it.  Repeat daily!

Whatever it is, remember that you are capable.  You were meant to do this and the universe will thank you for it. 

So get out of your head and act free from what you’re so tempted to tell yourself is a good excuse.

It’s worth it.

And you still don’t believe you can achieve your dreams…well….here’s your affirmation for the day:


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