This Week’s Live Episode:

Hi! I’m Jenny. Farmer’s wife, businesswoman, mom of 3 and a total cowgirl at heart.  I struggled for many years with the loss of identity as well as feelings of guilt for wanting more out of life than “just” being a mom.  I was living life according to an imaginary rule book that I hated. I felt overrun, exhausted and empty.

At the same time, I felt capable of great things and decided to seek out that part of me. I asked for a lot of help, poured myself into resources, dove into entrepreneurship and found a way to pull that greatness out of me. I learned that not only was it okay to want it all, but -more importantly- how to work to have it all. 

I created Plowing Forward as a place to help YOU plow your way through life and grow into the best version of yourself.  Life is about so much more than enduring a job, managing parenting and living for the weekends…it is a game of growth!

Just like our farm life here in Iowa, Plowing Forward is your virtual place to come for good grub, great conversation, hard work and a colorful life.  Get the tools you need to improve your life and business or check out what I’m up to in my own kitchen and life.

Dig around and check it out.  I’m mighty pleased you stopped by!

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